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A fast way to get amazing nutritious  Chick Peas  into your diet!


3 oz. of Raw dry Chick Peas

1/4 white or sauteed cooking onion

1 vegetable or chicken Bullion cube

1 tablespoon of Garam Masala Spice

1/4 apple to lightly sweeten the soup

750 ml or 3 cups of water.  You can start with hot, the process

of heating to final temperature will take a few minutes less

(After the soup is made )

two to three tomatoes,

a small handful of fresh Spinach


Put the Chick Peas, onion, spice blend,  bullion cube


apple, and water in the 64 oz. Vitamix container .

If you want to use manual you can run your Vitamix on high speed for five to six minutes

If you have an Automatic Function for Soups you can use that instead.


After the soup has been created and hot, set the Vitamix to setting 1 on the dial .

Before turning on the machine, add the tomatoes and spincah.

At setting 1 the tomatoes will get nicely chopped and give an excellent visual to the soup.


Notes:  Adjust the spices and volume of Chick Peas to create your own flavour profile.

More chick peas will thicken the soup.  You can take the thickness up to a sauce consistincy.